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Our sandalwood products are deeply rooted in the history of our Hawaiian islands and of our people. Nestled into the scenic backdrop of the slopes of Maunaloa, the trees grow as the cool, misty rain nourishes their roots. The fragrance of the wood has the essence of the people who care and toil the land. The experience is earthy, mellow, and romantic, just like our people.

La’au’Ala supports the efforts of Haloa Aina, who follow a model of sustainability. We believe that by taking care of the land, the land will take care of us.  in order to perpetuate a culture of sustainability and awareness, a portion of our proceeds will support reforestation and funding education of our native Hawaiian dry-land forests in Hawaii.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum), the S. paniculatum tree exists exclusively on the Big Island of Hawaii. La’au’Ala produces its products from the only source of pure Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood found on the Big Island of Hawaii to ensure you are buying 100% pure, organic, certified Sandalwood products.

Order Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil and Hydrosol

For orders of 1kg of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil and larger or 25L of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol and larger please visit

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